Cyber threats including Computer Viruses, Phishing Emails, and Ransomware are common nowadays. They all aim at stealing and infecting private information. That’s why it’s essential that businesses protect their valuable data otherwise they’ll lose it to cyber thieves who’ll use it for malicious purposes.

Despite hacking being common, many businesses are still not taking effective security measures to protect their data. As such, this makes it easy for hackers to hack into their systems. Also, cyber-attacks are complex these days. Therefore, it’s even difficult for many in-house and outsourced IT services to handle these threats. Today, we will talk about a common type of cyber threat; Ransomware to help you understand how you can protect yourself from it.

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Ransomware Protection

What Is Ransomware?

Coming from the word ransom, you can already guess that it involves withholding something until a sum of money is paid. In this case, hackers hold a business’s data hostage until it pays them the demanded cash.

How Does It Work?

Hackers design software tools and artificial intelligence systems that automatically search for companies that are internet protected. When a business is added into their radar, they launch an attack to lock down its computers. Then the business will see something like this “Your data is held for ransom. After every 24 hours, 10% of it is deleted until you pay this amount (insert your guess here).”

Who Does It Target?

In ransomware, an individual or group of individuals target specific computers to hold for ransom. Mostly, hackers target businesses because they’re able to pay a huge ransom. Plus, they hold their client data and software systems valuable.

Today, this cyber threat is more advanced. Hackers no longer search over the internet for vulnerable companies. Rather, the artificial intelligence systems and software tools used explore thousands of unprotected networks to find a way in. If these systems succeed, you’ll find yourself at the mercies of the hackers.

Companies have paid over $10000 to have their data freed. A cybersecurity company can assist you to retrieve your data back from hackers. But, we’ve found out that the best way to handle such a situation is to remain proactive. This way, you’ll stop the threats before they attack. Remember that even if you pay the ransom, you’re not 100% guaranteed that all your data will be restored.