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Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Most businesses use outdated and unreliable data protection services and thereby remain oblivious of their vulnerability to potential dangers. Moreover, when data loss occurs, it can cost your business significantly. That is because; recovering this information may take time while some data may be lost forever. Hence, it is crucial to prevent your business from compromising scenarios by using the best backup and disaster recovery solutions. At IT Service Pros, we can help protect your valued information and reduce the risk of data loss using our latest and affordable data protection services.

Desktop and laptop backup services

Whether you are sitting at your desk or on the road, IT Service Pros offers laptop and desktop security services to ensure your data stays intact. Our experts provide swift and automatic backup without disrupting your work. We can encrypt data as well as use our secure web portal to retrieve lost or damaged files. Besides, we offer one specialized tool that allows you to manage one or thousands of laptops and desktops.

Server backup services

As your business grow so does your data, and hence you need to manage your backup solution as well. IT Service Pros offers modernized, reliable, and convenient server-backup solutions. Our services include:

Straightforward and simple backup – that can include automated data and applications backup. We offer quick and easy restoration of files as well as 24/7 monitoring. We also use centralized control of data so that minimal time is used in backing up remote servers.

Rapid recoveries– IT Service Pros can restore your entire data system in 24 hours in case of natural disaster, theft, or fire. Besides, our recovery technology ensures that it restores your recent data changed since the last backup.

You no longer need to worry about losing valuable information. IT Service Pros are here to safeguard your business. With our efficient backup and disaster recovery solutions, we will get your business back as soon as possible. Besides, our packages are for every budget- whether it is subscription services, licensed software, or a combination that suits your specific needs